Rikke Precht

“Today I live in the North of Denmark by the West Coast in a beautiful little place called Lonstrup. I have an open studio and gallery where it is possible to watch the glass making. I do crafts as wineglasses, vases, bowls etc and I love making glass for the everyday use. Also I do unique experiments with the glass and find great inspiration in the nature and the great light the North of Denmark is known for.

I think glass is a fascinating and enchanting material. It invites shapes and colors and arouses my curiosity time and again.”

Rikke Precht


Born 1972 in the North of Denmark
1994-95 Engelsholm Kunsthojskole Vejle DK, Grafik & Glassblowing
1995-96International Glass Center England
1996-98 Sommerassistent with Lene Hojlund, Aalborg
1998 Self employed studio in different places in Denmark
2009 Glassblowing studio in Lonstrup


1996 Himley Hall Birmingham
2006 Galleria La Fruteria Barcelona
2010 Aqua Danish Glass anno 2010